• Specialists in Lubricants

    Since its origins, it is proposed to GEDOL lubricants market with a complete range of products that have been able to combine technological innovation with environmental awareness.

    Specialists in Lubricants
  • Research and Development

    With 50 years of continuous research and the results obtained, Gedol experiences and formulates lubricants for automotive and industrial application requirements at the latest. The continuous controls, both on the components on the finished products in the production process, ensuring high quality standards.

    Research and Development
  • Logistics and Production

    In recent years we have streamlined the production and logistics cycles faster response times to customer needs.

    Logistics and Production


Technical Service

Providing technical assistance to customers, is a source of pride. Ipcochemical Europe consists of highly skilled technicians and updated in real time on all the new technology.


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The company's commitment in the study of high quality lubricants for racing and car racing has meant that both in Italy and abroad is constituted sports groups in which they have grown samples become famous.